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FARMER'S FAVORITE - 6 pieces of fruit per box

FARMER'S FAVORITE - 6 pieces of fruit per box


Every year we come across certain varieties that are just a bit better than the rest.  Sometimes they are peaches, sometimes they are white nectarines and sometimes we can't choose just one.  In the Farmer's Favorite box you will receive our favorite pick of the week.  Enjoy!

  • Product Info

    All fruit is hand selected and packed in a padded gift box. There are six pieces of fruit per box. Prices include shipping and handling. Fruit will be shipped out every Tuesday for Thursday arrival. 

    Box may contain one or multiple different types of fruit.  Box contents will vary weekly.  

  • Return and Refund Policy

    We do not accept returns on produce purchases. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let us know as soon as possible.

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